July 11, 2023 2 min read

A well-liked recovery tool among trainers, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts is percussion massage guns. These portable gadgets may resemble power tools, but they are designed to make you feel better by boosting blood flow, releasing the tension, reducing discomfort, and enhancing your range of motion – all of which can result in better warm-ups and quicker recoveries. 

The way that these massagers function is by directly vibrating your muscles. It has been discovered that they both effectively reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. But in addition to reducing pain, vibration therapy also helps your body produce less lactic acid after exercise. And the best massage gun there is, the RECOVAPRO. 


People use massage guns to release tight muscles and immediately improve circulation. They are particularly helpful before an exercise because massage guns boost blood flow to the nearby muscles. This has two benefits: it can assist your body get ready for exercise while lowering the likelihood of muscle strain. 

Additionally, massage guns are also beneficial after an exercise. The pounding pressure aids in clearing lactic acid buildup from the muscles and lessens discomfort. 


  1. Be careful when using a massage gun, especially if you already have a painful body. Start with the lowest setting and work your way up. Always start slowly. 
  1. Even though you won't hurt the bone by hammering at it, it won't be pleasant. Until you get the idea of using the gun, starting with the more extensive muscle parts, such as your glutes, quads, calves, lats, and traps, is best.  
  1. Keep everything going. Check whether you're pressing too hard or standing still for too long. To get the most significant results, keep the gun moving. 
  1. More isn't always better. While a 90-minute massage by human hands can be incredibly relaxing, you don't need to work with massage guns for that long. Give each muscle enough time to benefit fully from the treatment without harming or injuring the area.