April 05, 2021 2 min read

The wonders of Recovapro massage guns are not just intended for the young athletes who needed a performance boost or outstanding recovery tool but also serves the older adults suffering from arthritic pain — Recovapro caters to both old and the young. The effects brought about by its application to treat an injured muscle or to enhance performance and flexibility also applies to the management of arthritic conditions. Here, we explore the possibilities of using Recovapro massage guns in treating degraded joints, briefly discuss the physiological processes of arthritic conditions, and explore the benefits of Recovapro vibration therapy on each.

What Causes Arthritic Pain?

Arthritis, as the term implies, is an inflammation of the joints. The inflammatory process involves a number of physiological changes and characteristics that stimulate various pain-sensitive structures, thereby, causing discomfort. Arthritic pain is caused by:

  • Inflammation, which involves swelling, redness, and warmth, as well as pain.
  • Damage to joint surfaces from the disease process or from wear and tear.
  • Muscle strain caused by overworked muscles in attempting to protect the joints from painful movements
  • Fatigue caused by the disease process

How Vibration Therapy and Recovapro Treats Arthritic Pain

The following effects are delivered by every Recovapro massage gun through vibration technology to help you deal with arthritic pain:

  • Decreased pain perception through gate-control theory.
  • Enhances circulation to provide the joints with oxygen and nutrients for repair, while also allowing movement of fluids that caused the swelling
  • study demonstrated that vibration therapy stimulates bone cells to increase bone formation
  • Mechanical stimulation through vibration in osteoarthritis may delay cartilage degeneration by preventing chondrocytes death (journal reference) and may also increase cartilage thickness (journal reference)
  • Activation of the muscle receptors, which causes involuntary production of strength (journal reference)
Vibratory therapy like massage relaxes tensed and fatigued muscles