July 11, 2023 3 min read

Let's get this out of the way right away: utilizing a massage gun is not difficult. In actuality, it's very easy. So why would we waste our time creating an article about something so straightforward? 

Although operating a massage gun is simple, common sense is still necessary. Additionally, there are situations where it would not be a good idea to use a massage gun. 

Even if you already understand massage therapy, you might pick up a few tips to make the most of your massage and hasten your post-workout recovery. 


Your exhausted muscles are depleted after a strenuous workout. Immediately following an exercise, you can speed up your recovery using a massage gun. A massage gun is far simpler to operate than a foam roller to apply pressure. 

Similar to how exercise causes tiny muscle tears, each percussion from a massage gun causes microtears in your muscles. Massage tools promote blood flow and reduce tightness in the short term, but if used for an extended period, they might have the reverse impact if you're not careful. 

For maximum advantage, follow these recommendations: 

  • Target your muscles for 30 seconds before a workout or activity to activate the muscles and nerve fibres. 
  • If you're starting to feel a little tired in the middle of your workout or beginning to grow spasm, a further 15-second session will help to give them a little boost. 
  • You can safely use your massage gun on each muscle area for up to two minutes after a workout or when DOMS has set in. This procedure can be repeated throughout the day with at least a one- to two-hour break in between. 

But remember that your muscles are already strained, stretched, and inflammatory. Follow the 2-minute guideline as nearly as you can for each muscle group. The last thing you want to do is improve the injury or soreness. Simply enough exercise should be performed to remove lactic acid from the muscles. 

Drink a lot of water while using the massage gun. Keep in mind that utilizing a massage gun while exercising will improve circulation in general. In addition, water is the leading transporter if you want to eliminate the toxins and lactic acid generated in the blood. Even if the amount of water you should consume each day is not entirely obvious or proven by science, 2-3 litres are commonly considered sufficient to prevent dehydration. 


You can speed up and maximize the process of muscle building with the aid of a massage gun. 

Muscle cells undergo chemical changes with intense exercise. These alterations may hamper the body's ability to contract despite being natural. When muscles contract, their fibres don't wholly release, resulting in cramps and muscle weakness. In addition to increasing and optimizing the muscle growth process, massagers assist in counteracting adverse effects and hastening the healing process. 

Even if cramps don't always happen, over time, muscle tissue degrades. Pain and stress may eventually result from this. To prevent this, a massage gun can break the fibres and trigger points that form by using myofascial stretching and release techniques. Exercises for maintaining joint mobility and preventing muscle pinching and tightening can also be done. An excellent massage gun should be sufficient if you consider yourself an average gym enthusiast who needs pampering after a workout.  

A massage gun can promote new muscle growth by enabling your muscles to obtain more nutrients. As a result, you'll be able to hit the gym harder each time, which is the point of the exercise, and you'll recover more quickly. Ensure your nutrition is in order while you train to your limit! Without it, nothing functions properly.