August 15, 2019 1 min read

The ability to use the Recovapro in any setting is the ultimate luxury. You can treat muscle tension and relax while using the Recovapro because of its Smart Glide™ technology.


It goes unnoticed, but the noise level is a key factor when using a device. So when we set out to design the Recovapro, over four years ago, we knew our proprietary Smart Glide™ technology would be an integral component of the Recovapro.


Also, based on feedback from the leading experts, sports physicians, physical therapists, and trainers, quietness was a key factor in the development of the Recovapro.

Why? Because loud noise, especially near the ears, causes the body to instinctually tense up, causing the opposite sensation someone should feel when using a massage device. Therefore, by incorporating our Smart Glide™ technology, we could ensure ever practitioner and user would instantly relax and feel at ease when using the Recovapro.