March 01, 2022 2 min read


Prolonged standing can cause the blood flow in your lower limbs to slow down, especially when you have to stand still for a very long time just like the guards of Buckingham Palace. In effect, this can cause blood clots to form in your legs and calf pain. Also, after a walk or a run, your calf muscles may occasionally feel sore, especially when you’ve not done your usual stretching routine before heading out and hitting the road. On both occasions, massaging your calves can provide relief, but you may be too tired to still drive and pay a visit to a massage center for calf massage. You definitely just want to lie down, rest, and relax, while getting your calves worked up. In this case, you can turn on to RecovaBall!

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot that forms in one of the veins in your leg that can cause severe pain and affect blood flow to the legs, and can likely develop if you have been sitting or standing for long periods. Symptoms of DVT can include calf pain that gets worse when standing or walking, swelling and redness, or inflammation.

How to Use the RecovaBall on Your Calf

  1. Turn on the RecovaBall and select the preferred intensity.
  2. While lying on a mat or carpet with your legs stretched out straight, place the RecovaBall under one of your calves. While massaging your calf, you can do any one of the following:
  • Ankle pumping exercises by moving your ankle up and down for an extra boost in circulation. This also serves as an Active Release Technique
  • Alternately bend and straighten your knee as you roll your calf over the RecovaBallto massage the other parts of your calf muscle.
  • Move your leg side to side with your knee straight and your calf rolling over the RecovaBallto apply a broadening compression massage. You can also just turn your foot in and out as your calf rolls over the RecovaBall to achieve the same result
  1. Repeat the procedure on your other leg.
  2. Stretch your calf muscle after treatment.

PRO NOTE: if you’re nursing an ankle sprain, you can also do the simultaneous calf vibration and ankle pumping exercises to help with the resolution of swelling and inflammation.