My name is Izzy Goode and I am the current British open ladies wakeboarding champion. Wake boarding has been a passion of mine for the past seven years, but like all sports, it doesn’t come without injuries. Luckily, the Recovapro has been a lifesaver. It allows me to release tension built up from training, enabling me to perform on consecutive days and is beneficial for on water and off-water strength and conditioning training.
I have recently returned from an intensive seven day wakeboarding trip to Turkey and the RecoverPro proved to be essential. Before riding in the morning, the RecoverPro helped to ease out any muscle soreness and knots, allowing me to have full range of mobility in my joints, prioritising my shoulders and hips.
Wakeboarding is a sport that uses the whole body however with airtricks, a strong core allows you to keep form and twist in the air, while powerful legs help with explosion off the water and make for a soft impact on landing; all this whilst being pulled along by a cable at 30kmph. 
As I increase the difficulties of my tricks there are a lot for twists and turns, and landing with the cable wrapped behind my back means that my muscles are working in all directions and are subject to knots and small tears. Thankfully, the Recovapro has helped me to maintain flexibility in the muscles allowing my body to twist under force.
The Recovapro has become an essential part of my morning routine after the gym, and the time spent using the gun allows me to reflect on the previous day and focus my mind on what’s coming next.

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